The VBC - The Virtual Business Card

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    The VBC - The Virtual Business Card

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    Why to use a Virtual Business Card?

    How to create a Virtual Business Card

    “ We still need to print business card but we all know that nobody Keeps them these days. They either throw them away or pile them up in a forgotten desk drawer. But we still had to make one, and we want everyone to remember it/ us. Better yet, maybe even use it - really use it “


    Those words are not mine! they're from Scott Pridgen an amazing Designer, who shows us the frustration to build something that will be nearly directly throw away in a black hole!

    What is a business card?

    A business card is the way to exchange personal or business information with someone we don't know yet or give it back in order to update their contact information.

    The business card is generally rectangular in shape, but can be of any shape and material, often used by individuals to exchange information and by people who have a Brand Identity. But in general, it is the companies who create them for their representatives in order to reflect the values of the company on the field, which gives them a certain identity legitimacy to the person who gives it by " proving " that he or she is a member of that organization. 

    When you see the information on a business card you know who you are dealing with and with what respect you should address this person and how to contact them again.

    Despite the fact that mores have changed as well as the way of communicating, the business card remains inked and has difficulty digitizing itself.  

    Why do we still need business cards Virtual Business Cards?

    Why do we still need business cards Virtual Business Cards2x
    Despite all the applications or social networks such as Facebook, Linkedin and other applications to connect and communicate, we can see that at the moment we find ourselves between 2 generations where the oldest continue to appreciate business cards and the relationship that is formed during the discussion while the younger prefer digital and its advantages.

    Many people told me; I no longer need a business card because I use Linkedin or another social network!

    Wrong!!! Because you have to make the difference between your personal life and your professional life, for example: Linkedin is certainly one of the best tools for networking in the workplace, but for me it is nothing more than a " professional Facebook " where you represent yourself above all by promoting your skills, your professional interests, your convictions and that does not mean that your company shares them!

    You are only linked to your company and you do not represent it in any way or indirectly, because not all people who are linked to their companies can speak on its behalf.

    Does your company co-manage your account?

    Did Pascal from " The pool in all these states " or " Bob the butcher " give you his Linkedin so that you could contact him again for more information or to place an order, and you? did you give him your Linkedin?

    On the other hand, he will give you his business card with the visual identity of his company, because he represents it, with his professional contact details and his address which is the same as that of the company because he represents it.

    So yes, we still need the business cards Virtual Business Cards and below, I will write to you about the challenges I had and how I solved them by creating The VBC - The Virtual Business Card.


    My Problem as an Individual

    Business Card Problems The Virtual Business Card
    My First Problem 
    I had was that when I went to the local fair, the wine fair, the car show, etc... I was given about twenty business cards so I could contact them again!

    Not only that, after spending hours in this kind of place, we don't necessarily remember who is who, who does what, and there The VBC - The Virtual Business Card will strongly help you!

    My Second Problem was filing, maybe some of us will go home and look forward to filing their business cards, investing in a Rolodex or a dedicated folder with a note under each business card..., mine was a Tupperware storage! and if I left one of the business cards dragged too long, that business card would magically disappear into the trash!

    My Third Problem was to quickly find information on one of my business cards after having carefully classified them in my storage system... these business cards would stay there for a while, even years. And when I needed information, I would put my hand in it and finally when I could get my hands on it, the email, the phone and even sometimes the address would change and I would have to waste time looking for it!

    My Fourth Problem was that when I met a new person and we decided to exchange telephones, we spent the first 10 minutes transferring our information to each other... Give me your number and I call you, ha yes yes, I also call you, it's your address, ha yes, it's written how? here you go, etc... and then I give him what e-mails and information, I don't necessarily want this person to access this e-mail but rather this one, would I like this person to only call me on the fixed telephones number, etc..

    My Fifth Problem was and still is ecology!

    Did you know that the average life span of a business card is 5 days!

    Did you know that if you stack all the business cards printed in one year on top of each other you could make two stacks that would touch the surface of the Moon! ( The Moon is 384,400 km away).

    Logging destroys the vegetation and natural habitats of billions of animals every year.

    Now available for a Personal Profile
    The VBC - The Virtual Business Card
    relieves you of all your problems!


    • A profile page.

    • 1 free VBC.

    • You can have up to 4 VBCs.

    • Sharing your unlimited VBC(s).

    • Easy exchange with QrCode and other options.

    • Free ready-made VBC.

    • Standard and Animated VBCs.

    • The VBCs you receive are directly classified and updated automatically.

    • Adding tags and notes.

    • All the VBCs are up to date.

    • Easily make corrections on your VBCs.

    • Ecological.

    • Our servers only use green energy.

    And Much More Coming Soon!


    My problems as a Professional

    Business cards problems problems as a Professional BG2x
    My First Problem
    was that I had to keep my business card stock up to date and plan for planned events and unexpected events that would happen in order to be ready to get as much out of it as possible to create the necessary connections.

    My Second Problem was and will continue to happen to a lot of people and maybe even to you... it's the business cards that are badly printed or badly cut!

    This situation leads to frustration, mixed with disappointment, with urgency if you take it at the last minute... Haaa! procrastination! Then you will have to complain to customer service to get a reprint as soon as possible or to get a refund.

    My last experience with printing business cards was just before a Pitchfest at Google in Zurich, I only had about fifteen left and I decided to quickly go to a printing house to have about twenty of them made just in case!

    The cards were so badly cut, that I only gave one so much I was ashamed of the image this confetti were sending back from me!

    My Third Problem was that it took a more or less " substantial " budget to have the number of business cards needed to run a year.

    According to a study, it will be necessary to give about 2000 business cards to increase your turnover by 2.5%.

    My Fourth Problem was that you had to have a business card case in order to be able to respect the business card you are going to receive and keep your own clean, without stains and without having the corners.

    But the majority of the people with whom I exchanged my business cards, took them out of their wallets ( like me) and often the last one looked more like one of the Dead Sea scrolls than a business card!

    A case does not always allow you to have many business cards with you and therefore, you will have to go back to your room or car quickly to refuel.

    My Fifth Problem was that you always had to have a business card on either wherever you go and whatever you wear so you could quickly slip one in so you wouldn't miss an opportunity you might regret later!

    My Sixth Problem was that it is not possible to make a correction on a business card!

    You need a new phone number because of abuse by canvassing companies or need to change your emails because it has been sold and you receive hundreds of spam, change your domain name, etc..

    Uh, well... Yes, I did, draw out the old info with a pen, then write the new one on top.

    And of course, the people who made a typing error and who mechanically read their phone numbers... And hop, 100, 500, 1000 unusable business cards!

    My seventh Problem was that networking sessions are great, that exhibitions are full of meetings and potential to make your own sales and you take advantage of distributing them like hotcakes, but it's actually less cool to have to file all the new business cards or new contacts in your software the same evening, the next day or to have them digitalized one by one.

    My Eight Problem was and still is ecology, in addition to the problems I mentioned earlier in the ecology chapter above, we must add all the energy and CO2 that the machines emit when cutting wood, transporting raw materials, making paper, inks, etc., not to mention grey energy.

    My Ninth Problem was my Biggest One, that giving a business card to a person did not give me the opportunity to be able to contact them easily in order to make them an offer on what we had discussed or to remind them of the next time we had an offer.

    So far, for a Pro profile
    The VBC - The Virtual Business Card
    relieves you of all your problems!

    • No stock and Up to 4 VBCs per user.

    • Your VBCs can be a regular one or coded with an animated logo or the whole VBC can be an animation.

    • Unlimited sharing of your VBCs ( 2000 business card ≈ $75... VBC $35 a year!)

    • Your smartphone is always with you!

    • The VBCs are editable at any time and automatically updated by the people to whom you have given them!

    • Directly classified.

    • Adding tags and notes.

    • You can contact the people you have given it to again!

    • Your Profile allows people to know you and to remember you better!

    • More ecological because your smartphone is always with you!

    • Our servers only use green energy.

      And Much More Coming Soon!


    My problems as a Company

    Business Cards Problems My problems as a Company The Virtual Business Card2x
    My First Problem
    was and still is that you have to give business cards to the people who will be in contact with your prospective customers and existing customers as quickly as possible.


    But this is rarely the case! when you hire someone or promote someone to a new position.

    The companies in which I worked were waiting for the end of the 3 to 6 month trial period before ordering them, which means that it is not possible to properly portray the company.

    My Second Problem was the management of stocks, it was necessary to plan a place for them to be stored and controlled so that there would always be enough so that there would be no shortage of them and that I would have to recommend them urgently before the next fair, which is coming soon!

    My Third Problem was the distribution of business cards like bread rolls! And contrary to what you might think, many companies will not use their business cards for their communications and marketing, but more for the exchange of contact details and when a salesperson distributes too many business cards, the company has to call them to order to lift their foot and distribute them a little more " smart "! 

    Certainly, you should not waste them and give your business cards to just anybody, but as mentioned above you should give about 2000 business cards to increase your turnover by 2.5%.

    My Fourth Problem was the life span of a business card... In most cases they will be thrown away quickly, moreover, a study showed that the life span was less than a week on average!

    When I was working in Thailand, in cases where I met people who were consuming a few things to drink, some of my business cards did not even leave the table surface after the person put it next to his glass or the condensation of the glass flowed on the table and was pumped by the paper that made the business card unusable.

    My Fifth Problem is the cost, ordering hundreds or even thousands of business cards for a person who may not be there in 6 months is expensive, this multiplied by the number of people who need them in the company.

    An example I met in the companies in which I worked, A person who started working did not have these business cards before the end of his trial period, this trial period could last up to 6 months... This meant losing opportunities and a " no " professionalism towards their prospects and customers all this to save a little.

    My Sixth Problem was that I had no access to who my team had given their business cards to, once a business card is in the hand of a prospect and your salesperson has not directly sold your product or service to him, in 98% of cases he/she is a lost customer, because he/she will never contact you again!

    My seventh Problem was connectivity, although I had all this beautiful information on my business cards, the person who receives it will have to enter it into his device in order to access our site, to send us an email, to go on our social networks, etc.. to know a little more about us or to place an order.

    My Eight Problem was that I had created my own logo in a 3d software with an animation, but the problem was that I couldn't use it on my paper business cards! 

    Over time, I have noticed that more and more companies have started using animated logos to give more scope, movements, to tell a story with/ through their Brand Identity and could only use them on their websites, social networks.

    And that all the investment made in this animation could not unfortunately represent them during the first meeting by exchanging their business cards, The VBC - The Virtual Business Card changed all that...

    With The VBC - The Virtual Business Card, you can code your VBC and use your animated logo or fully code your VBC to better promote your company through your Brand Identity.

    So far, for a Company profile
    The VBC - The Virtual Business Card
    relieves you of all your problems!

    The Company Module is under construction, Stay tunes because you gonna love it!

    • Coming Soon!!!

    To fix these problems, The VBC - The Virtual Business Card to create a PWA ( Progressive Web App) so you do not need to download a new app to use it, just go to VBC.APP to start using it, Nevertheless, for easy access, you can add a shortcut in your Home Screen to access it more quickly.

    As you can see above, there are many reasons to skip the cape and exchange your old paper business cards for Virtual Business Cards that are always at hand.


    The VBC The Virtual Business Card2x

    I like to have more fresh news about the VBC through the newsletter.

    The VBC - The Virtual Business Cards

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