The VBC - The Virtual Business Card

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    The VBC - The Virtual Business Card

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    What should be on your Virtual Business Card?

    Virtual Business Card

    By presenting your business card, you will create a second "first impression", the first being the first second that your interlocutor subconsciously judged you on your appearance, your posture, etc... and the moment you hand your business card to him, he will get a quick idea on the design of your card with a “ wow moment “ or just a “ mmmh, thank you ", then once in these hands, he will judge the quality of the paper by its thickness, its roughness, its flexibility, etc... then he will see your information.

    Part of this ritual of exchanging your business card no longer exists with a Virtual Business Card, so how do you make yours stand out from the crowd?


    What information should be included on your VBC? 

    When you imagine or redesign your Business Card to make a Virtual Business Card, you will have to choose the information you will add on it because some of it will no longer need to appear on it while others will need to be highlighted.

    Mainly we think to have on our Business Cards our name, website, email, phone and the logo of the company we represent.


    Identification and Contact Information

    Virtual business card appBusiness card design by Leo

    Even in The VBC - The Virtual Business Card, you have to respect some basic rules so that when you share your VBC by any means or your interlocutor are not able to see your profile and only see your little rectangle that he can directly know who you are, what you do, etc...

    Preferably, you will need to have on your VBC:

    • Your first and last name.

    • The name of your company or the one you represent.

    • Contact information such as your phone number, email address, website.

    • Not mandatory but helps you locate your office address.

    • Your position in the company, are you the CEO, Designer, Back-end developer, gardener, etc..?


    Logo and Tagline

    Virtual Business Card logoBusiness card design by Muhammad

    After adding the main information, you need to save space for your logo and slogan if you have one, because your business card is linked to your brand. 

    Note that if you want a VBC for your Personal Branding, you can also add your logo.

    Even if your pro account is linked to your company's page, your prospect / client should be able to see at a glance who you are working for and make the link with your products and services quickly.

    If you know how to code, you can add your animated logo by coding your card in html, Css and Js, which is pretty cool.

    Otherwise, If you need help creating your VBC, you can send us here your wishes for your new Virtual Business Card or the original design of your business card with a precise description of your needs, and we will quickly inform you of the price for designing and/or coding your new VBC.


    Include your Website 

    Virtual Business Card informationBusiness card design by Praktika.Design

    It is important to add your website so that your prospects and customers can search for additional information or refresh their memory when they want to purchase your product/service weeks, months or years after meeting you.

    The VBC allows your prospects and customers to click directly on the address of your site on the page you want. 
    Depending on the design of your brand identity you can write your website address in different ways 
    • An icon 
    Important : You can use an icon for each clickable information on your Virtual Business Card.


    An image that shows what you do 

    Real Estate business card inspirationBusiness card design by MH Yousuf

    There was a time when people used to add their pictures on their business cards, it's a great solution that gives their prospects and customers a way to remember who that person was, but with The VBC, you don't need to add it anymore because your profile picture is on top of your virtual business card.


    Social Media Profiles

    Business card social networkBusiness card design by Maria

    Adding icons of your social networks on a paper business card does not make much sense, at the limit in plain text but there again your contact will have to type the address hoping that your link is not too long to type manually to access it, often these addresses take too much space and will destroy the visual balance of your business card.

    But, using The VBC you can add icons of your favorite social networks or the name of the network with their links because they are clickable and will send your customers directly to your pages.

    In fact, the big questions you need to ask yourself are : 
    • Do I really have to put them on my VBC?
    • How many do I need to put and which ones?
    Because nowadays " every user has access to social networks " and to your website through your VBC, they can very easily find you on your contact page, in the footer and certainly on the little icons scattered here and there on your website and rather focus on the overall visual aspect of your VBC?

    Similarly, it is important that you ask yourself the following question: Is my social media strategy optimal for my customers and prospects with content they like and interact with or am I just looking for a few more likes on a page that is poorly optimized for my customers or with too little content to sell my services and products?

    If it's the second, don't put links now, create a real strategy and post content regularly, then add your links, because with The VBC you can add new information about your VBC at any time and notify them of the change you've made.


    QR Codes

    Business card with QrCodeBusiness card design by Lena

    QrCodes on business cards really help people who need to use them because they will be able to directly open your mail, your website and many other links...

    But with The VBC, you don't need to have QrCode on your card anymore because everything is clickable! and so you will have more space to write your important information or play with white spaces.

    Unless your customer has two smartphones, he won't be able to scan your code...!

    By double tapping on your VBC, you open the sharing menu of your VBC and you will have your QrCode to share it quickly.


    White Space 

    Business card white spacesBusiness card design by Hoang

    The whitespaces are the spaces between your elements on your card, they are very important to " let your design breathe " and be readable, too many elements can make the reading complicated and scare away your interlocutor, the first goal of a VBC is to keep his client connected with you.


    Texture Effect

    Embossed business cardBusiness card design by Mike

    The touch is no longer to be taken into account with your VBC, no more feeling due to debossing, embossing or cutting on your card.

    Nevertheless, you can add a paper texture to your VBC and make all the visual effects 3d or other to give more effects and without forgetting the possibility to have your logo animated or even your whole background animated!

    You can finally code your business card in Html, Css and Js, isn't it cool?

    Only your imagination will be your limit!


    Where's Wally

    Business card with mapBusiness card design by Purjus

    If Wally had a VBC, we'd find him faster.

    Often plans are printed on the back of business cards, the only problem is that they are not always well made or to scale.

    No more worries with your Virtual Business Card, your users will click on your address and open Apple Map and if they have accepted the authorization to geolocate them, the GPS will engage and take them directly to your address.


    Tips for your Virtual Business cards

    Create a business card or a virtual business cardBusiness card design by Focus Lab

    Your VBC is the link between you and your prospects and customers while spanking the bond with your business.

    Contrary to business cards that have been printed, you can easily change the information that is on your VBC, which allows you to easily change elements on it that will be directly updated in all the people who will have received your VBC, nevertheless, you must ask yourself if it represents the values that you want to transmit to your customers and prospects.


    Adjust the tone

    Business card design ajust the toneBusiness card design by Fabian

    What message do you want to send to your customers?

    Do you want to give a serene, funny, qualified, attention-grabbing image?
    Do you want a Virtual Business card with your logo animated or maybe you want to have all your VBC animated?


    Use Creativity 

    Creative business cardBusiness card design by Sean

    Be inspired by what you see, by your competitors and make a mix of these ideas that may bring you a little extra when your customers see it for the first time as it is often the case with a logo or another animated part!

    As The VBC gives you the possibility to code your VBC in Html, Css and Js, you can go very far in your ideas!

    Be crazy... but not too much, don't bother your prospects and customers with a too long animation or flashes that will trigger an epileptic seizure 🥴.

    If you need help creating your VBC, you can send us here your wishes for your new VBC or the original design of your business card with a precise description of your needs, and we will quickly inform you of the price for designing and/or coding your Virtual Business Card.


    Don’t get quality and luxury mistaken 

    Business card luxury mistakenBusiness card design by Anton

    Stay on the side of good taste like this business card, don't overdo or underdo it, choose the right balance to represent your company's values.

    Walleye is beautiful and luxury if well used, too much walleye is bad taste, your VBC is not the apartment of an oligarch... 🤣


    Pick the right font 

    Business card pick the right fontBusiness card design by Pedro

    Choose a font that is not too difficult to read, do not use several fonts one or two will be more than enough, check that they are readable in small and large by your targeted customers and prospects.

    Take into account the age of your customers and prospects and think about different screen sizes.


    Color Choice

    Business card pick up the right ColorBusiness card design by Brad

    Don't stray from the colours you have chosen for your brand in order to remain consistent and when the people who will receive your VBC will be able at first glance to make a direct link with it and the same goes for all other commercial supports.

    In the same way, you can associate your profile photo with it for a better coherence of your brand.


    Use the back of the card 

    Business card use the back of the cardBusiness card design by AK

    You can create VBCs with two sides, so don't be afraid to do so! You can then distribute your information, for example the animation of your logo on one side and your contact information on the other side.
    You will just have to decide when creating your VBC if you want your prospects and customers to see your logo or contact information first?


    Ending thoughts on what to put on your Virtual business card

    Create your Virtual Business Card with the VBC appBusiness card design by Connor

    Keep the most important information on your VBC.

    Add readable fonts with enough space between lines for people to click on them.

    Will the design of my VBC convey the message I want to send to my Prospects and clients?

    If you need help creating your VBC, you can send us here your wishes for your new VBC or the original design of your business card with a precise description of your needs, and we will quickly inform you of the price for designing and/or coding your Virtual Business Card.

    Good luck in  the creation of your new Virtual Business Card.

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    The VBC - The Virtual Business Cards

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