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    The VBC - The Virtual Business Card

    uses cookies to personalize your experience and make our site easier for you to use.

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    How to create a GIF of your Virtual Business Card?

    When you share your Virtual Business Card by email, the people who will receive your invitation will see your profile picture, an introductory text that you can edit from time to time and your VBC. 

    If you have a Standard VBC, you have no problem, your Virtual Business Card is automatically added to your invitations, but if you have an Animated VBC, you can add a static image of your VBC, but you should seriously think about having a GIF so that your contacts can directly see the power of your brand identity and if they haven't seen an Animated VBC yet, they will have a WOW effect and will remember you!
    And even if they've already seen one, a good animation creates a lasting impression!

    At the moment, it is not possible to create a GIF directly when creating your VBC, so you will have to create one in addition or order one.

    There are several possibilities.

    1. If you place an order to a provider who is not The VBC for the creation of your Virtual Business Card, ask for an animated GIF of your VBC directly.
    1. If you simply need a quality animated GIF for your VBC, contact us for a quote.
    1. When you order a VBC from our side, we will  create your Virtual Business Card and your GIF directly, send us your design or your ideas with a precise description of your needs by following this link, and we will quickly send you a quote.
    1. And finally, the most economical option is to follow this tutorial...

    Your GIF dimensions

    What the ideal size for your GIF2xDesigned by The VBC

    Take note first of the size, ratio and maximum weight acceptable, as GIFs can be heavy, if you want to have the very best quality and the full content of your animation.

    IMPORTANT : If you can shorten the duration of your animation or increase its reading speed to shorten the animation and thus finally reduce its weight, do it before you start, it will save you a lot of time... ( tuto at the end of the page : Thanks, but now that I have a great GIF, it's too heavy *#!@Y?).

    Files Dimensions & sizes

    Size & Ratio :  min. 345 x 220px
     max. 1725 x 1100px
    Weight :  max. 15Mb


    Supported file :  Jpg, Png, Gif

    Are there apps available for that?!?

    You are right!
    If you already own a video of your animation, you can test various apps that allow you to turn your video into a GIF by filming your screen and exporting it to GIF format.

    But... my tests didn't bring me the quality I wanted even when exporting them in HD.

    Creating your GIF

    Step 1 - Creating the video of your animation 

    Create a GIF from a video or Html file2xShoot by Chris Murray

    1. Open the HTML file in your browser or the video.

    2. If you need to enlarge the output file, you can always change the size when exporting your file.

    3. I used QuickTime for this tuto because its a free tool, there is a version for Window.

    4. Go to File, then New Screen Record.

    5. The screen gets darker with a lighter area that will be the recording area, moving your cursor over the dotted lines you can adapt them to your Virtual Business Card and make sure you are a little bit more inside if you don't want to have to redo the video because of a 1px white line on one side!

    6. Take a look in the options in case you want to change the save location, have a countdown, etc...

    7. Press Save and start recording!

    8. Reload the page or launch the video.

    9. The stop button is in the top right corner of your screen, press it at the end of the animation. ( WARNING : if you move your cursor in the recording window it will be recorded! ), ensure that it is not too long so that your GIF is not too heavy.

    10. Now delete the parts that are not necessary for your GIF, go to the Edit menu, at the bottom you have Trim or Cmd+t.

    11. Move the left yellow bar at the beginning of where you want your GIF start and do the same for where you want it to end.

    12. Check the result and if you are satisfied, proceed to the step of creating your GIF, otherwise make the necessary improvements or redo the recording.

    13. Save your video by using CMD + S or by going to File then Save.

    Step 2 - Creation of your GIF

    With no complex gradient or shadows 

    GIF without complex shadows or gradient2x

    Mockup design by Mr.Mockup

    Most of the GIFs I've made with with "basic" designs are very good quality and light, but if you have a more complex design with gradients, shadows, etc... these areas will certainly be less appealing due to the limited number of colors in the GIF format they use.

    If you have a more complex design, I advise you to choose step 2bis.

    1. From this step, follow this link to convert your video to GIF.

    2. Choose Image Converter.

    3. Open the tab and select the GIF format and press Go.

    4. Press the Image to GIF button to select the correct format in this case Mov to GIF.

    5. Choose Upload a file if your file is on your terminal or URL if it is online.

    6. Upload your file.

    7. You can use the options below to trim your video in case you haven't done it before.

    8. Please choose the size of your desired GIF, it is important that your GIF has the right ratio, see recommended sizes above.

    9. Press Convert to begin the process.

    10. Click on download. 

    11. Et Voilà!

    12. All you have to do is add it to a folder that you can access from your smartphone.

    Step 2bis 
    - Creation of your GIF

    with gradient or shadows 

    GIF with complex Design2x Mockup design by Mr.Mockup


    1. Go to Kapwing.

    2. At the top right of the page Click Sign In to start creating your account.

    3. Once these steps are complete, you will arrive in your Workspace.

    4. Drag your video to the New Content Area ( or press it to open a new project. )

    5. Once your file is online, click on the 3 dots on the right just below the thumbnail and choose Edit.

    6. On this new page, go to the top right below the red Export video button and click on Settings.

    7. In the pop up, in the Output File line change Video to GIF ( if your animation is complex, it may be that your GIF is too heavy to be uploaded to The VBC, so if so, change the quality to Standard ) and close the pop up using the X in the top right corner.

    8. You can see that the text in the red button to change to Export Gif.

    9. If your video does not have the right ratio, click in Output Size and add the desired dimensions, but respect the VBC ration mentioned above.

    10. Click on the red Export GIF button.

    11. The process may take a little time...

    12. Once the creation of your GIF is done, and you are satisfied with the result, press Download, otherwise press Edit to start again with other settings.

    Thanks, but now that I have a cool GIF, it's too heavy *#!@Y?

    My GIF is too heavy Y2xShoot by HBRH 

    Heeee yes... Shit Happen!
    As mentioned above, you can upload files up to 15MB.

    If your GIF be a bit heavier?

    Pass it through ImageOptim and if you are not on a Mac, click on the " Not on Mac " button and a series of similar tools are listed at the bottom of the page.

    If after the first compression of your GIF it is still too heavy, you can go and change the compression percentage.

    To do this, click on the small gear at the bottom right of the window to open the preferences, then change the quality of the GIF until you get a smaller file to upload in the VBC.


      Way too Heavy!?!

      If you had opted for the Step 2bis for the overall quality of the GIF, several solutions are available to you :

      The first one

      is to redo your GIF using Step 2, the quality is a bit lower, in some of my cases it was 4 to 5 times lighter, and if you don't have shadows or complex gradients in your design, your contacts won't find much differences. Most often the little imperfections are only in our creator eyes who see the little imperfection on the final result.

      The second one

      can be more constraining than the first one by restarting Step 2bis of this process and adjusting the quality and/or reducing the output size of your GIF while respecting the right ratio, etc...

      The third one

      is more constraining and certainly the longest, it is to start again from the video in order to decrease the duration of your GIF...

      My Personal VBC looks like a Google search, cool, right?
      But, this VBC has an animation of 36s and 24MB!

      To be able to use it in my invitations, I had to cut part of the end of the animation, the animation of the last button to access my social networks is missing, which saved me a few seconds, but still not enough... so I then reduced the pause time between each small animation and finally, I accelerated the first part of the video to 22 seconds, that reduce the the global size of my VBC to move down to 13MB!


      How to shorten your video?

      How to shorten your video 2xEdited by The VBC

      If you can trim the beginning or end of your video, you can use QuickTime to trim your video as in step 1 above.
      If you need to trim small bits here and there, I used for that ScreenFlow.

      Add your video to ScreeFlow
      1. You can't open videos directly with ScreenFlow, so make a screen recording for a few seconds and stop it.
      2. Go to the track at the bottom and select there, it will turn yellow and then press on your keyboard the key " Delete ".
      3. Now drag your video into one of the tracks.

      Fast & Furious

      Increasing the speed of your animation may be the fastest solution if your animation remains coherent.
      1. To do this, double click on the track.
      2. Play with the Speed slider to decrease the time of your video.

      Cut the video
      1. Use the Play button to play the video and the Pause button to stop when you want to cut it, you can also use the vertical red "play bar" to place it wherever you want.
      2. At the bottom left of your screen you can zoom in the track to be more precise in your cut.
      3. The cutting is done below the play bar, place it at the beginning of the area to be cut, then press the “ T  “ key, move to the end of the area and select with the cursor the track in order to make it come back in yellow, once it's done, press the “ T “ key and press delete.
      4. The area becomes empty and you now have "two videos".
      5. Re-select the part to the right of the playback bar to make it yellow again.
      6. Move the track to the left and touch it to form a single track.
      7. Move the play bar before the cut and watch the video to see if your action is invisible, if so go to the next step and if not, “ CMD + Z “ to go back and start your cut again.
      8. Repeat these actions as many times as necessary to shorten your video as much as possible.

      Preparing to export your Video
      1. Before you can export your new video, you will have to cut it to the right size, because if you export as is, you will see your entire screen.
      2. Above the tracks on the left, you have 2 buttons, select the second one “ Crop “.
      3. Go to the left edge of the screen to decrease the size, it will automatically decrease the left side and the top, position it as close as possible, then do the same with the right side.
      4. To Zoom, go to the menu at the top Presentation and press Zoom In.
      5. To adjust the frame, go to it and click on it with your mouse and press Shift key and adjust at the same time.
      6. IMPORTANT : Adjust as precisely as possible so that you don't have a black line around your video, as it will show.
      7. Once you are satisfied with your adjustment, press the green button to save the trim.

      Exporting your Video
      1. To export, press Command + E.
      2. Name your Video and choose where you want to export it.
      3. You can choose there to export it in .mp4 and do the steps to make a Gif ( or using GIF directly but it can be really heavy ( for my logo 88Mo )! )
      4. In Resolution choose Custom and check that it is the right size with the right ratio, you can also choose different export sizes like : 25%,  50%, 75% and 100%, make the choice to go down at 50% or 75% can save you a lot of time...
      5. Export
      6. And that's it!
      7. Save your project in case you need to reduce the size of your GIF.

      Now that you have your shorter video you can redo the steps of creating your GIF.

      How to add your GIF to your VBC?

      How to add my GIF to my Virtual Business CardDesigned by The VBC

      Nothing could be easier.
      1. Create a folder and add your GIF to a location you can reach from your smartphone, ideally in iCloud or Dropbox.
      2. On the Add your screen shot page open the pop up to add your GIF.
      3. Go to Browse and select the folder or app that will allow you to access it.
      4. Once you have selected your GIF, press upload
      5. Save.
      6. And there you go, sending your VBC to all your contacts, even the oldest ones... The VBC - The Virtual Business Card is a great way to reconnect with customers with whom you have lost contact.

      Good luck in the creation of your new GIF and see you soon!

      The VBC The Virtual Business Card2x


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