The VBC - The Virtual Business Card

    uses cookies to personalize your experience and make our site easier for you to use.

    We do also share that information with third parties for analytics.

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    The VBC - The Virtual Business Card

    uses cookies to personalize your experience and make our site easier for you to use.

    We do also share that information with third parties for analytics.

    Last Updated : January 10th 2021

    Please read these Cookies Policy carefully, as they affect your legal rights. Your agreement to The VBC - The Virtual Business Cards and PGH Sàrl with and be bound by these Terms is deemed to occur upon your first use of the Site, App and/or Services. If you do not agree to be bound by these Cookies Policy, you should stop using the Site, App and Services immediately.

    Welcome, and thank you for your interest in The VBC - The Virtual Business Card an app of PGH Sàrl (The VBC, The VBC - The Virtual Business Card, PGH Sàrlwe, or us) and our website at, along with our related subdomains, APIs, web and mobile applications, and other services provided by us (collectively, the Services). These Cookies Policy are a legally binding contract between you, The VBC and PGH Sàrl regarding your use of the Services.
    Please read the following terms carefully: by clicking I accept or any buttons that give you access to one of our services,” or by downloading, installing, or otherwise accessing or using the services, you agree that you have read and understood, and, as a condition to your use of the services, you agree to be bound by, the following Cookies Policy, including The VBC - The Virtual Business Card and PGH Sàrl’S Privacy policy (together, these terms). if you are not eligible, or do not agree to these terms, then you do not have our permission to use the services.

    Our Privacy Policy explains how we collect and use information from and about you when you use The VBC - The Virtual Business Card and other PGH Sàrl services. We have provided this cookie policy to tell you more about why we use cookies and other similar identifying technologies, the types of cookies and similar technologies we use, and your choices in relation to these technologies.


    We love Ad blockers and web apps that help us in our daly life, but some Ad blockers or apps can/or will automaticaly hide some part(s) of our website and/or app for i.e the cookies policy pop up. The VBC - The Virtual Business Card will never adding advertising on his website, so add The VBC to your ad blocker whitelist to be able to use correctly our services.

    If you dont or dont want whitlist your Ad bloker(s) on our site/ app or services and he's hide our Cookies Policy pop up that will remove your legal right to accept or refuse our Cookies Policy.  We consider that you have to do your duty by reading our terms of use, our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy and accept them before doing anything on our site/ app and/or others services provided by The VBC and/or PGH Sàrl, if you decide to do any interraction with our site, app or any other services provided by The VBC and/or PGH Sàrl we will consider that you have accepted our Cookies Policy, our Privacy Policy and our Terms of use.
    The VBC and/or PGH Sàrl cannot be responsible for any plugings or others app that you use on your web browser who can interract against your right with one of our services/ platform.


    Cookies are pieces of information that the Web site fits into your navigation device when you visit a page. They may involve the transmission of information between the website and your device, and between the latter and other sites that operate on our own or in private, as established in the respective Privacy Policy. We may use cookies to gather the information we collect about you. You can choose to receive an alert each time a cookie is sent or to disable cookies by changing your browser settings. By disabling cookies, however, some of our services may not function properly and you can not access many features designed to enhance your browsing experience on the site.

    We use different types of cookies with different functions.


    This type of cookies allows the correct sections of the Site. They are of two categories: persistent and session.

    • persistent: after closing the browser are not destroyed but remain up to a preset expiration date

    • Session: they are destroyed every time the browser is closed

    These cookies, always sent from our domain, are needed to view the site and in relation to technical services, we will therefore always used and sent, unless the user does not modify the settings in your browser (thus invalidating the display of site pages).



    We use these cookies to remember your settings and preferences. For example, we may use these cookies to remember your language preferences.


    We use these cookies to help identify and prevent security risks. For example, we may use these cookies to store your web-session information to prevent others from changing your password without your username and password.


    We use these cookies to collect information about how you interact with our services and to help us improve them.

    For example, we may use these cookies to determine if you have interacted with a certain page.


    Cookies in this category are used to collect information on the site and our app. will use this information in respect of anonymous statistical analysis in order to improve the use of the Site and to make the content interesting and relevant to the wishes of users. This type of cookie collects anonymous data about user activity, and as it came on the Site. The analytical cookies are sent from the same site or from third-party domains.

    Third-party analysis Cookie

    These cookies are used to collect information on the use of the App or Site by users anonymously such as pages visited, time spent, the origins of the traffic source, geographic origin, age, gender and interests for the purpose of marketing campaigns . These cookies are sent from domains of third parties external to the Site.

    Cookies for integrating products and third-party functions

    This type of cookie incorporates features developed by third parties within the pages of the website such as icons and preferences in social networks in order to share the contents of the site or the use of third-party services (such as maps ). These cookies are sent from third-party domains and partner sites that provide the functionality of the Website pages.
    For exemple : We use Google fonts and they send back some of the users info outside Switzerland for analytics.

    Profiling Cookies

    Are those cookies necessary to create user profiles in order to send advertising messages in line with the preferences expressed by the user within the web pages. does not use profiling own cookies, however, some third-party cookies present Site can be categorized and collect the user's browsing preferences.


    We use these cookies to deliver advertisements, to make them more relevant and meaningful to consumers, and to track the efficiency of our advertising campaigns, both on our services and on other websites or mobile apps.

    Consent to cookies

    The VBC - The Virtual Business Card and other PGH Sàrl services, under current regulations, it is not required to seek consent for cookies and anonymous technical analysis, as necessary to provide the services requested.

    For all other types of cookie consent you may be expressed by the user with one or more of the following ways:

    Using browser-specific configurations used or its programs used to navigate the pages in the site.

    - By changing settings in the use of third-party services.

    - Both of these solutions may prevent the user to use or display parts of the Site.

    Social Media Features

    Our web site uses social media features (“Social Features”) provided by companies and services such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn and others (depending on what country you’re in) to enable you to share information with these channels or Sign in with them. The Social Features are identified on our web site by our display of the companies’ logos or writing in letters ( Facebook, Linkedin, etc..). These cookies are owned and controlled by third parties, and therefore the third parties – and not The VBC or/and PGH Sàrl – are responsible for their use. As such, we can't guarantee that we have listed every cookie you might get from a third party since a third party could change these cookies at any time as their needs change.

    When you visit a page on The VBC web site that contains Social Features, your browser establishes a direct connection to the applicable social network’s servers. The Social Features inform the social networks what pages you have accessed on The VBC’s site, and, if you are logged into the social network, your visit may be logged to your account on that service. For example, if you click the Facebook “like” button, that information is transmitted from your browser directly to Facebook and stored by them. Even if you are not logged into the social network, and do not click on a Social Feature on The VBC site, there is still a possibility that a Social Feature can transmit your IP address and cookie information to the operator of the social network. We will not transmit information regarding your account contents to such social networks.

    For information on the purpose and scope of data processing by a social network, as well as your options for protecting your privacy, please review the appropriate social network's privacy policy. For your convenience, below are links to the most commonly used Social Features you’ll see on the VBC site and app.


    We may also use other similar technologies on our services, such as pixel tags and local storage. We use these technologies to do things like help us see what features are most popular, create a more personalized experience, and deliver relevant ads. Pixel tags (also called clear GIFs, web beacons, or pixels) are small blocks of code installed in or on a webpage, mobile app, or advertisement. These tags can retrieve certain information about your browser and device such as: operating system, browser type, device type and version, referring website, website visited, IP address, and other similar information. Local storage is an industry-standard technology that allows a website or mobile app to store and retrieve data on an individual’s computer, mobile phone, or other device.


    Your browser probably lets you choose whether to accept browser cookies. And you may even be able to choose or limit the use of cookies and other similar technologies in mobile apps. But these technologies are an important part of how our services work, so removing or rejecting cookies, or limiting the use of other similar technologies could affect the availability and functionality of our services.

    Web browser opt-out

    Most web browsers are set to accept cookies by default. If you don’t want to allow cookies you may have some options. Your browser may provide you with a set of tools to manage cookies. You can usually set your browser to refuse some cookies or all cookies. For example, some browsers give you the option to allow first-party cookies but block third-party cookies. So what is the difference between first-party and third-party cookies?

    A « first-party » cookie is served by the page or domain that you are visiting. So for example, when you visit and we serve a cookie for purposes of remembering your settings that is a first-party cookie.

    A « third-party » cookie is served by a company that doesn’t operate the page or domain you are visiting. So for example, when you visit and Google serves a cookie on for The VBC’s analytics that is a third-party cookie.

    You may also be able to remove cookies from your browser. Your ability to manage cookies through a mobile browser, however, may be limited. For more information about how to manage your cookie settings, please follow the instructions provided by your browser which are usually located within the “Help,” “Tools,” or “Edit” settings.

    Mobile device opt-outs

    Your mobile operating system may let you opt-out from having your information collected or used for interest-based advertising on mobile devices. You should refer to the instructions provided by your mobile device’s manufacturer; this information is typically available under the “settings” function of your mobile device.

    Disabling Cookies

    In addition to what is indicated in this document, the user can manage your preferences for cookies directly from within their browser and prevent, for example, that third parties can install. With the browser preferences you can also delete cookies installed in the past, including the Cookie that is eventually saved you to allow installation of cookies by this website. It is important to note that disabling all cookies, the operation of this site may be compromised. You can find information on how to manage cookies in your browser to the following addresses:

    - Google Chrome

    - Mozilla Firefox

    - Apple Safari

    - Microsof Window Explorer

    - Opera

    If not using any of the browsers listed above, select "cookies" in the section of the guide to find out where your cookie folder.

    To delete cookies from the Internet browser of your smartphone / tablet, you need to refer to the user manual of the device.

    In the case of services provided by third parties, the User can also exercise their right to oppose the inquiring tracking through the privacy policy of the third part, through the link to opt out if explicitly provided or by contacting the same.

    Notwithstanding the above, the Holder informs that the user can make use of Your Online Choices . Through this service you can manage your tracking preferences of most advertising tools. The holder therefore recommends Users to use this resource in addition to the information provided in this document.


    The VBC - The Virtual Business card an app of PGH Sàrl - Au Village 28b, 2887 Soubey (Ju) - (Switzerland),

    Contact us by using the form in the footer

    Since the installation of cookies and other tracking systems operated by third parties through the services used within this Site may not be technically controlled by the Owner, any specific reference to Cookies and tracking systems installed by third parties is to be considered as indicative. For complete information, see the privacy policy of any third party services listed in this document.

    Given the objective complexity of the identification of technologies based on Cookies and their very tight integration with the operation of the web, users are invited to contact the owner should he wish to receive any deepening its use of cookies yourself and any use of the same, for example by third parties, made through this website.


    Personal Information (or data)

    Constitutes personal data any information concerning a natural person, identified or identifiable, even indirectly, by reference to any other information including a personal identification number.


    They are the personal information collected on the site automatically (or by third-party applications that use the same), including: IP addresses or domain names of the computers used by the users who connect to the site, the notation addresses URI (Uniform Resource Identifier), the time of request, the method used to submit the request to the server, the size of the file obtained in reply, the numerical code indicating the status of response from the server (successful, error, etc.). the country of origin, the features of the browser used by the visitor and the operating system, the various time of the visit (eg the time spent on each page) and details about the path followed within the site,with particular reference to the sequence of pages, the parameters relating to the operating system and computer environment.


    The person using this Site, which must coincide with the interested party or be approved by that State and whose Personal Data are being processed.


    Legal person to whom the Personal Data.


    The natural person, legal person, public administration or any other body, association or body appointed by the Holder to the processing of personal data, as established by this privacy policy.


    The natural person, legal person, public administration or any other body, association or organization that is competent, even jointly with another data, decisions regarding the aims, methods of processing of personal data and tools used, including the security profile, in relation to the operation and use of this site. the owner of treatment, unless otherwise specified, it is the owner of this Site and app.


    The hardware or software tool by which they are collected Personal Data of Users.


    Notice to European Users: this privacy statement has been prepared in fulfillment of the obligations under Art. 10 of Directive no. 95/46 / EC and with the provisions of Directive 2002/58 / EC, as revised by Directive 2009/136 / EC, with regard to Cookies.

    This information relates only to The VBC - The Virtual Business Card and other PGH Sàrl services ( app & sites ). This page is visible through links at the bottom of all pages or at the top of the website in the app from Settings -> Terms of use or on the sign in/ log in page.

    You can also read our privacy policy and our Terms & Conditions.


    If you have more questions about our use of cookies, please contact us by using the form in the footer.

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